Power of Cubes

Historically the standard tool for calculations and analysis is the spreadsheet especially MS Excel (other options OpenOffice, Numbers, Google Docs, etc. Excel is king by far), these tools have a paradigm of calculations based on tables of two dimensions. Over time they have added functions to generate estimates of cubes but are not very effective and are inefficient, mainly because the space required spreadsheet. A relatively new software for large Models that breaks this paradigm is Cubeplan ( joint developed by Lumina & Novix ). Cubeplan base their calculations on data cubes generated this a great computing power, parsimony and order in the models and files.


Cubes vs Tables

  • Simplicity in data visualization for analysis and development
    When working with large tables of information display on a flat board is complex and not easy, usually one look at tools like dynamic tables or tables summarize filter. Cubeplan is as if all calculations would be made with pivot tables!


  • Specialized software for large models
    Cubeplan specialized as straightforward and simple software makes large and complex models in Excel. Mainly are time savers and more reliable.

  • Optimization of computational resources
    Excel files of 120 MB it takes to open and take their time to run – without considering the low reliability while running, Excel often have problems with these large files frequently, when transcribed in the language of data cubes have passed no more than 10 Meg and times to handle the files are dramatically reduced as well as reliability.
  • Excel like distant Programming language Complex
    Change Excel for an average user Cubeplan native Excel is not complex and they handle a similar syntax. Cubeplan this more bristle Excel programming language thus this facilitates jump.

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