Graphics Matter!!

Nowadays presentations of graphics data are being made every minute in almost every presentation. These graphics are used to present result and conclusion cause are easy to explain and understand than tables and bold figures, but the design of this graphics are key for the impact that produce in the audience. Analyst tend to be of two kind of profiles, those interested in crunching numbers and developing quantitative solution for decision making but not much interested in the way of presenting results.  And those, that preferred spend much time in the design of the presentation and the way that the numbers will be presented that checking the consistency of the numbers. In my experience the business analyst have more the first profile than the second because we think that if the numbers are correctly calculated and consistent then their specific weight with be perceive in the presentation, in other words the numbers are the substance of the presentation and the design of the presentation is the decoration and how we communicate them, so if there is no substance there in no point in the communication. This idea, tend to underestimate the power of the visualization of data and the importance of the roll that play in the understanding of the conclusion of the audience.



Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic, a Analyst that work for Banking industry and then end in google have point out the importance of design of the presentation and telling stories with data to make points and remarks conclusion. I personally recommend her Book  (check her website Story Telling with Data) her conclusions about the importance of the data visualization are really interesting and useful for every person that wants to use data visualization for making points or conclusions.


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