Model Best Practice (MBP): Colors convention

When you developed a model, one of the best practice to implement is define a color convention to apply to different objects. For example for manual inputs I use color yellow, for objects  or cells that contains the logic itself like calculations I use light blue, and outputs of the model I use light grey. These colors convention that at the moment of the development required an additional effort, once you adopted as a habit is a good way design a model and to let others understand what we try to do in our models.


Nowadays, is highly probable that our work will be share with the our teamwork, coworkers, peers, clients, etc. for that reason the skill of good model is not just the complex of the calculus or amount of the data that manage, also is very important the way is presented and how easy is to understand, so the strategy to develop model Idiot proof is good choice, some times more time consuming but it worth it at last. Colors convention is a good way to start with this strategy.







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