_MG_6271bnI’m Francisco Zabert , I live in Patagonia Argentina, I ‘m an Economist, MBA, Half time mentor, a positive and entusiastic project leader. These days information is accumulated piles, each I like on Facebook, every comment on a newspaper, downloading data in our mobile appls are one example of the thousands of thousands of data that today are accumulated each moment.

The ability to ask the right questions and then process the information to answer the question is one of the biggest challenges these days. Such problems are what fascinate me. I am  big fan of the data collection process, transformation of data, develop  data models and performing statistical analysis  and business analysis to make better desicions. Finally, I believe that the substance of the issue is not  necesary to take good desicions also is need better data visualization tools for thata process.

Data Patagonia focuses on:

-Business Analytics

-Data Driven Decisions ! (DDD)

-Consolidation and standardization of information

-Analysis and Data Visualization for improved decision making and quality of life


Please do not hesitate to contact me:

Mail: fzabert@patagoniadata.com 

Twitter: @patagoniadata

Skype: fzabert

LinkedIn: Francisco Zabert Profile





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