Planning as Learning

  One of the most common criticism to financial planning and forecasting is : What is the point of prepare extensive and detail plans  if you know you will be going to miss it. This reason drives the frustration of analyst where they spend more time explaining differences, than analyzing new opportunities and the business … More Planning as Learning

Plain Tables vs Cubes

MS Excel is the standard tool for financial and project budgeting modeling, is the greatest and versatile tool ever invented for business, and my respect for that. But when the business has many dimension like Cost Centers, Business Units, Products, Accounts, etc. the tables become big really big with a lot rows and columns and the … More Plain Tables vs Cubes

Graphics Matter!!

Nowadays presentations of graphics data are being made every minute in almost every presentation. These graphics are used to present result and conclusion cause are easy to explain and understand than tables and bold figures, but the design of this graphics are key for the impact that produce in the audience. Analyst tend to be … More Graphics Matter!!

Starting Point

I always liked the numbers, as a kid I remember I loved to watch the NBA with all the statistics and records leading journalists, then grew up to study economics and business where numbers started to have another taste, are key for decision making. I think the DDDM (Data-Driven Decision Management) is one of the … More Starting Point